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The Essential Step


Ready to take the next step?  Choose from our classes below!


Disability Insurance in the Workplace 
This course is designed  to teach the agent the different sources
of revenue available in a business to prepare and provide for
the probability of disability.  The course will address how, outside
of insurance products, funding is less than reliable.
Nebraska Health - 3 Credit Hours
  •      To be announced!
 Beyond the Contract - Life Insurance Riders and Provisions  
The purpose of this class is to assist producers in understanding the
value of life insurance beyond the basic contract that is all the prospect,
and many agents, think about.  This class will teach the value beyond
the contract to the consumer, to the agent, and to the industry.
  •      To be announced!

Nebraska Life - 3 Credit Hours
Social Security Update

This class is an overview of a much-maligned, universally misunderstood
government program.  The purpose of the class is to bring advisors up to
speed on the history of the Social Security System, where it stands today,
and what is likely to happen in the future so advisors can better educate
their clients and prospects when discussing financial needs and the
subsequent needs for various insurance products.
Nebraska Life - 3 credit hours
  •      To be announced!
Individual Retirement Accounts

This course is intended to educate the student in the intracacies
of Individual Retirement Accounts.  The study will not only cover the
tax code related to and the historical background of IRA's, it will also
bring out the different types of IRA's and their uses.

Nebraska Life - 3 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

Equity Indexed Life Insurance and Annuities

This course is and introduction to one of the newest product innivations since
Variable Life Insurance and Variable Annuities.  The course is an examination
of the structure and uses of equity indexed products in relationship with and in
comparison to more traditional annuity and life products.

Nebraska Life - 3 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

Ethics and the Law for Financial Advisors

This class is designed to reacquaint the student with laws many have not
studied since licensing.  The larger purpose, however, is to clearly distinguish
between law and ethics.  They are different, yet inseparable as today's
financial services professional adapts to the changing business environment.

Nebraska General Ethics - 3 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

Medicare and Supplemental Insurance

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the intracacies of senior
health insurance choices which make up an ever changing landscape.  In today's
era of savvy consumers and suitability requirements, it is necessary to be fully
versed on the options consumers are exposed to.

Nebraska Health - 3 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

Estate Planning Basics - Part I

 course is designed to give the student the most basic
information necessary for the process of estate planning.  It
is a logical progression of information beginning with the
need and ending with the simplest of estate planning ideas.

Nebraska Life - 3 credit hours


  •      To be announced!

Estate planning Basics - Part II

This course will help the financial advisor expand their knowledge in
the area of estate planning.  It builds on the information found in Part I,
adding critical concepts and tools for the advisor working in more
complex estate planning situations.

Nebraska Life - 3 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

Ethics in Motion

In society today, it is easy to point a finger at someone else and show
what they should do to clean up their act, but not as easy to admit our
own shortcomings.  This course is designed to encourage the student
to do some self-examination and remember that any time we point a
finger at someone, three are pointing back at us.  Remembering that
ethics is a lot about leading by example, we will examine our motivations,
our reactions to the pressures of life, and take the opportunity to right
the wrongs of the world through a problem solving exercise.

Nebraska General Ethics - 3 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

The Mechanics of LTC Partnership Plans

This course is designed to give the student a broad review of Long
Term Care services and the tools available to assist with the costs
associated with that care.  The course is intended to satisfy the
Nebraska Partnership Plan 2-year Recertification requirement as well
as provide Nebraska Health CE Credit.

Nebraska Health - 4 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

Ethics ME (Millennium Edition) 

This class is designed to help students define ethics
in the new millennium.  This class will involve participants
in discussion involving theory, current events, and the
financial services industry

Nebraska General Ethics - 3 credit hours

  •     To be announced!

Life Planning

In the age of regulatory scrutiny, now more than ever there is
value in proper analysis and case preparation.  In this class we
look at client motivations, needs in a variety of situations,
resources, and solutions using today's life insurance products.

Nebraska Life - 3 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

Business Insurance Fundamentals

This course is an introduction to the uses of life and disability
insurance in relationship to common business needs.  The course
should foster discussion regarding business structure, typical
needs, tax ramifications, and practical solutions using
contemporary life and disability insurance products.

Nebraska Life - 3 credit hours

  •      To be announced!

Health Care Reform  
The purpose of this class is to heighten student awareness of and
discuss issues related to health care reform. The intent is that
students leave with a better understanding of the remifications of
proposals to reform our current health care system so as to better
inform the health insurance consumer.

Nebraska Health - 3 credit hours
  •      To be announced!

Analyzing the Possibility of Disability

This course is designed to teach basic disability and disability insurance
concepts, highlighting misunderstood or previously unlearned material.
The intent is that the student will leave with a greater appreciation of this
underserved risk area.

Nebraska Health - 3 Credit Hours

  •      To be announced!

Health Savings Accounts

This course is designed to inform the student about the intracies and
viability of the HSA program. In general, the complexity of medical
insurance can cause a producer to avoid proposing what they do not
fully understand. This class walks students through the history of
medical insurance, the development of the MSA, and its
metamorphosis into today's HSA, addressing its integral role in
"Health Care Reform". The course finishes with a case study asking
the student to apply what they have learned.

Nebraska Health - 3 Credit Hours

  •     To be announced!

Colored Chalk with Eraser

3 hours        $43.00
4 hours        $57.00
6 hours        $79.00
7 hours        $92.00
9 hours      $111.00
10 hours    $123.00
12 hours    $137.00
13 hours    $148.00
15 hours    $158.00
16 hours    $168.00
18 hours    $172.00
19 hours    $181.00
21 hours    $197.00
22 hours    $206.00
24 hours    $220.00
25 hours    $229.00

Beginning July 16, 2012, the State of Nebraska Department of Insurance will begin using State Based Systems (SBS) to administer their Continuing Education program in the State.  SBS will now require the providers of education to post education credits as earned and will charge providers a fee of $1.00 per credit hour.  Beginning with the classes we hold in September 2012, we will begin passing that fee on to the registrant.  Your cost will be calculated using the chart above, and then we will add $1.00 per credit hour to arrive at your final cost.

Life and Health Pre-licensing*

  •      June 21, 22, 23, 2022
  •      August 16, 17, 18, 2022
  •      October 18, 19, 20, 2022
  •      December 13, 14, 15, 2022

Property and Casualty Pre-licensing*

  •      May 10, 11, 12, 2022^
  •      June 7, 8, 9, 2022^
  •      July 5, 6, 7, 2022^
  •      August 9, 10, 11, 2022^
  •      September 6, 7, 8, 2022^
  •      October 11, 12, 13, 2022^
  •      November 1, 2, 3, 2022^
  •      December 6, 7, 8, 2022^


Scottsbluff-Gering, Nebraska 

Property and Casualty Pre-licensing*

Private Tutoring with

Katie Kochenower, CIC, CRM

Call for pricing and details!! 


Series 6 and 63**

  •      To be announced!


Life and Health Classroom  $209.95

+Life ONLY Classroom  $164.95

+Health ONLY Classroom  $164.95

Independent Study for Life/Health, Life, or Health  $135.00

Property and Casualty Classroom  $209.95

+Personal Lines ONLY Classroom  $164.95

Independent Study for Property and Casualty, or Personal Lines  $135.00

Series 6 and 63 Classroom  $295.00

Independent Study for Series 6 and 63  $149.00   Price Reduced!

Independent Study for Series 7   $245.00   animated_starburst.gif

 animated_starburst.gifDo you need your Life, Health, or Property/Casualty Consultant
License in Nebraska?  Need to brush up before your exam?  Register for
Independent Study or Classroom learning for what you need above.  We use
the same study materials.  What's different?  The Consultant Exam outlines
cover the same subject matter but with different emphasis.  Sign up TODAY!           

NOTE:  To be eligible to obtain your Consultant License in Nebraska, you
must be an Insurance Producer in the same line for at least three years, or
have earned certain industry designations if you have been licensed as a
producer for less than three years!  Call for details!!

+ All Pre-licensing classes are three day in length except Life ONLY, Health ONLY,
and Personal Lines ONLY which are two day classes.  Life ONLY and Personal
Lines ONLY are the first and second days of a scheduled Life and Health or
Property and Casualty class.  Health ONLY is the first and third days of a
scheduled Life and Health class.

Please add 7.25% sales tax to independent study orders!  We accept Master Card, VISA, and personal checks.  $25.00 charge for all returned checks.  Once tuition is paid, your materials will either be mailed or you may pick them up at our offices.  It is your responsibility to report for your scheduled class.  If you notify us of your inability to attend PRIOR to class, we will be happy to reschedule you for another class.  Refunds are available ONLY if the seal on your materials is unbroken.  Please call with any other questions.

** Because of the time involved, it is highly adviseable that students have their exam window open
before registering for
Series 6/63!!  All materials include exam simulation software.  It is recommended
students access the software prior to
^These classes are held in the classroom of Independent
 Insurance Agents of Nebraska,

Illness Policy
If you are suffering with an illness when you are scheduled to be in class, in the interest of staff and fellow students we ask you to consider postponing your involvement in class until you are no longer ill.  If you call us we will gladly reschedule you for another class.  We reserve the right to ask any student to leave class due to illness.
Throughout the year, weather can be unpredictable. While we are sensitive to your travel concerns, generally our policy is to hold classes as scheduled. With this in mind, you may wish to plan your arrival in Lincoln ahead of anticipated weather. If it is not possible for you to attend a class for which you have registered, we would be happy to reschedule you for another class in the future. Of course you are always welcome to call our office to verify the status of any upcoming class or for suggestions on lodging near class facilities. Thanks for your understanding!

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